baby duck

Good Deed of the Week

“I saved an orphaned baby duck from traffic…

baby duckPoor baby’s mother had been ran over and no other babies were seen around.”

“We named it ‘Eggs’.

He’d ran off on the side of the road and I pulled a towel from the trunk and just kind of gently tossed it around him.

I know that pressure above them simulates a mother, or at least I had read it somewhere so he was immediately very still. Picked him up and made a cozy ‘nest’ with the towel and he went right to sleep. Walked around looking for sign of any other babies or even other ducks in case my assumption of the ran over one was wrong.

The hardest part was while I had to get hold of the center was keeping him warm. My house is very cool and it seemed like as the sun was going down he just wasn’t getting enough warmth. He kept shivering even though I wrapped him up. I didn’t have a heating lamp or anything.

My spouse let ‘Eggs’ just kind of curl up in his neck for warmth which he was very calm about. We were a little worried he would imprint on him though. I finally got a call back from the bird sanctuary and we drove him out there. She told us she had quite a few of the babies around from abandoned nests. Had I a house and all that maybe things would have been different, but just scrambling to try and find something to keep him warm and something he couldn’t jump out of (which was everything. My goodness they can jump high!) I knew I wasn’t able to keep him. Heart-breaker though.

You want to know what real raw emotion is…have a sleeping baby duckling in your lap snuggling you for warmth and then it stretches out it’s little feet and yawns. I had tears fighting to get out!”

~ by ‘sabineastroph’

Eggs, you are easily one of the cutest Ducks ever! Good luck with your new life, little one

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