summer wallpaper

This is the Summer of Your Life – By Frances Trussell

summer wallpaperOn childhood summer evenings I’d sit by the breeze of my open bedroom window listening to the symphony of the season.

The laughter of those children still allowed to play out, the kicking of balls in the park and shouting to friends. Birdsong soared high among the barbecue smoke whilst the clinking of glasses accompanied grown-ups chatter below.

How bittersweet those balmy nights, a loveliness and still a longing. A longing for a time when the days would be mine, the laughter my own in a no-bedtime, no-rules, me-time-all-the-time kind of way.  

So now, I have arrived. And you have too. Here we are, exactly where we wanted to be back then. This day is ours, this night is ours and it’s us who makes those rules. We made a promise to ourselves that when we got here we would embrace those evenings with all our being, feel the warmth of the sun on our face, that now would be that time.  

And yet, how easy it is to shift those jumper goal posts, lost in the mourning mind of summers gone or the longing mind of summers to come.

But it is not going to get any better than this, now is the only place we get to experience anything because it is always now.

There will, of course, inevitably be the perfect-house-bigger-garden summer that lives in our heads. The one where a slightly thinner and more attractive version of ourselves has our hair windswept whilst driving our top-down Aston Martin. The next holiday, the next job, the next relationship, next month or next summer, that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  

The wanderings of the mind can trick us into believing that the next lick of the ice cream will taste better than this one. So remember to savour the flavour of this moment. There is little point saving happiness for best like Grandmas crockery.

Feel this summer, own it, squeeze the juice out of it. You have arrived at your destination; this is the summer of your life.

It is always the summer of your life should you choose it to be. 

Author Bio: Frances Trussell

Who am I?

I can tell you who I am not; I am not a doctor or a therapist, I am not part of any cult or religion, I don’t have a guru or spiritual leader and I am not a life coach. I do have a few qualifications because I like to study, but that’s not necessarily important.

​I am someone who has completely changed the way I experience my life through mindfulness. Where there was misery and darkness now there is joy and happiness and I feel passionately about helping others to find this in themselves.

​If you want to calm your busy mind and uncover some of the peace that is inside you I can teach you some techniques to do so, not as some passing fad but for life.

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