4 new tires

4 New Tires = 1 Sweet Act of Kindness

4 new tiresMy wife and I are both teachers.

We were expecting our kid soon and were trying to save money. Wasn’t working out so well because we continued to have things come up over and over. Unexpected bills and such.

One of them turned out that we needed to get 4 new tires because the ones we had were very worn down. It was going to cost us about $300 for the cheapest new tires we could find. We were both incredibly heartbroken over having to spend more money.

I was talking to our science teacher about it and he was also a mechanic in the army in his younger years. He would constantly work on our car and help us out by changing head lights and filling our oil.

I was going to charge the $300 and max our credit card. I gave the okay to the mechanic to do it and went back to school, the shop is right across the street.

I go back at the end of the day and ask the mechanic what I owe.

He tells me I owe him nothing.

I kind of laugh and ask him what we really owe.

He once again said nothing, and gave me a receipt.

I was kind of taken aback. I asked him why.

He told me someone had already paid for it and got us a nicer model of tires. It was about $550. He wouldn’t tell me who it was.

I knew who it was because I had only talked to one person about it that day, the science teacher. I went up to him and thanked him while crying a bit. He laughed and said it was no big deal, he knew we had a kid on the way.

My wife is famous for her pies in the area and made him one.

At the time, and still now, there was nothing we could do to express how thankful we were.

He takes care of his mentally handicapped daughter and isn’t super well off. He told me he had just gotten an inheritance from his dad and wanted to help us out.

~ by Maavrick

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  1. Somewhat related, but kindness strangely on the level of a corporation (how very rare), is a story a friend of mine once told be regarding his Rolls Royce. Him and his wife went on holiday in their Rolls to Ireland, on the ferry, and broke down on the way to the hotel. Upon calling Rolls Royce, as informed to do so if they ever had any issues, the company flew somebody out by helicopter to fix the car. After fixing it, he said “Enjoy your holiday, call this number when you get home and we will settle up” and handed him a card. When they returned home, they called the number on the card only to hear a voice on the other line tell them “I’m sorry, Sir, you must be mistaken, our cars do not break down”.

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