1. Amy,

    This happened to me, too, and at age 64, I still have issues. But just knowing, REALLY knowing that it wasn’t we who were at fault–this helps and heals.

    Thank you for sharing this.


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    1. I, too, am 64 so I shared the same era of apathy that was paid to children being objectified by molesters and rapist. It is evident by the magnitude of child porn, molestation and rape that is coming to light that it was and still is rampant. It does, indeed, help us to see that it wasn’t our imagination and it wasn’t our fault.


  2. Thank you on behalf of survivors everywhere! I will never have that mother that was so supportive of you. One of my abusers was my mother’s father whom she loved unconditionally. Because of her shame and confusion about her love for him, she is torn between being my mother and being his daughter. She has been in denial for all her life and because she has to deal with her own feelings of inadequacy as a mother, she tries to “be there” for me and my sister but admits that she would not have taken action had she known because she “wouldn’t want to break up her family”. I see this as a lack of courage and cannot fault her for it because my sister and I didn’t tell because we didn’t want to hurt our family. Its a “sticky wicket” no matter how you look at it. My protection was to block the memories after a certain point in the act. I still cannot access those memories but have enough evidence that it happened to be able to acknowledge it with certainty. He wasn’t the only one and I have blocked those encounters from a certain point in the act as well. Mostly, I am grateful to my memory for protecting me. I was a child when there was no such thing as reporting child molestation, it was fact of life and swept under the carpet. I don’t think it was even taken seriously. Yea for you and yea for your mom!


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    This is an important expansion on the physiology and psychology of the “freeze” response in trauma. I would add the in the abuse or rape situation, the predator counts on the freeze as their opportunity to take control.


  4. The most important ‘first’ step perhaps is realizing that sexual assault is not the victim’s fault. A most important and powerful post. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront while helping countless others who have not found their ‘voice.’


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