1. Thank you, Hanna, for sharing this. Just the fact that your experience and message is out there on the Kindness blog will assure a lot of readers. I will pass this along on my blog (luluopolis.wordpress.com) as well.

    I’m so glad that you are all right and am so impressed with your courage and honesty. Sharing this story WILL save lives. Keep on being as amazing as you are.



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  2. I praise God that you are alive, well, and a strong young woman who can share her story so others can benefit. I doubt if many people understand the dangers of binge drinking; it is always depicted as something wild and fun in the media. Obviously there is more to it than that! Happy 21st Birthday!

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  3. Definitely sharing the heck out of this post. Well said and thank you for sharing your story. I think back to the number of times when I was in my teens and especially in my 20’s when I drank way too much, and I see how Iucky I was in many ways (shudder). One rule I learned at maritime college, that was a really good one, was the Rule of Three, when it comes to social drinking: there is never a reason to have more than 3 drinks. It served me well. Something about drinking more than that causes judgment to go out the window.

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