wrong number saves life

1 x Car Sales Manager, 1 x Wrong Number and 1 x Elderly Lady Needing Help…

The manager of a car garage has been thanked for helping an elderly woman who fell at home – and then dialled the wrong number by accident.

Sara Tweedy’s Grandma was trying to get through to her daughter’s number, but in her panic and confusion got two digits the wrong way round and called the garage by mistake.

She’d fallen at home and was confused.


Sara Tweedy posted this on her Facebook page, to thank the man who helped her Nana

Credit: Sara Tweedy

Dang Vuong is the manager at the garage and was handed the call by his receptionist.

Though the call wasn’t meant for him, Dang didn’t think twice about hurrying to help her.

He said:

“She called our landline and got through to our receptionist, who asked me what to do.

“I said, I’ll go and make sure she’s ok — at first I thought she was just across the road, it turned out she was about two miles away.

“I drove over there while our receptionist kept her talking on the phone.”

He went round to the house after ‘Googling’ the address the lady gave him over the phone, and was able to get in (the door had been left unlocked as the lady’s daughter had just left) and help her up from the floor.

Dang got to the house, knocked on the door, noticed it was unlocked and – with no time to lose – went into the house.

He said:

“When I arrived, she was in shock more than anything, there was blood on her face and the bath was overflowing. I told her who I was and then scooped her up and put her on the sofa and covered her with a blanket and waited until her carers and family came.”

He made her a cup of tea and covered her with a blanket while he phoned a family member – reassuring her and keeping her company until they arrived.

Her family have thanked Dang who told ITV Tyne Tees he didn’t “think anything of it”.

He even went back to work after leaving the lady with family and got on with the day job of selling cars!

wrong number saves life

Dang Vuong who helped the vulnerable lady

Someone definitely got it right when they raised Dang! What a great example of a human being!

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