Tibetan Monk Has Taken in 170 Children

A Tibetan Buddhist monk took in 33 orphans after an earthquake in 2010 and now he is looking after 170 children. Lama Lobsang originally started caring for the children on a temporary basis after the earthquake.

“After that, more and more came,” he said.

“This isn’t a school, or an orphanage, it is a home,” the monk told BBC News. “They call me, ‘Sang father,’ and I call them, ‘my children.'”

Lama Lobsang looks after the children’s health, as well as their mental well-being and education. He funds the program through his religious lectures and donations from his followers. Though he oversees dozens of children, he says his relationship with them is a close one.

“These kids are the future,” the monk told BBC.

“They may be orphans, or from single-parent families, or from poor families. but I want to give them all a home.”


  1. how can we help???? financially? clothes and toys???? please let us know how we can help!!! 🙂 Brightest Blessings of Light Love and Peace!!! 🙂


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