Mindfulness is Self-Kindness

mindfulness is self-kindness

Source: Unknown


  1. Reblogged this on Hunt FOR Truth on wordpress and commented:
    living in the present moment presents choices — its way easier to choose kindness when we are in the moment. Thanks for posting this image that reminds us that we have choices in the moment — to protect ourselves and if we take this further, to act kindly towards others.


  2. thanks for finding my blog so I could find yours, a dose of kindness in my WordPress Reader on a regular basis is surely just what the doctor ordered 🙂


  3. Hello,

    I want to thank you for following, “Beyond The Cracked Window,” I appreciate it greatly.

    Your site is great, I want to thank you also for reminding all of us how easy it is to often neglect your message. Bravo!



  4. I love this post! It reminds me of ideas discussed Stephen Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Rather than letting other peoples’ actions determine my life, there is always initiative that I can take to move in a more beneficial direction. It’s empowering and exciting to realize that I can actually do something about the problems I face each day! I have no excuse for playing the victim. I was feeling stuck and bored recently, so I made the decision to have a new experience every day of 2014 and write about each experience. It has been a fabulous year so far.


  5. Hi – Thanks for visiting, liking my poem, and following. I really like the design of your blog and the insightful aand meaningful advice offered. Have a wonderful week of wholefullness!


  6. I love this little infographic showing how mindful self-kindness works. We often become caught up in the drama around us forgetting that we choose how to respond. When our response is with mindful self-kindness everything changes! Thanks for this GREAT reminder!

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