Taking Care of Yourself When It Has Been a Long Stressful Day – by Davina Longstaff

How was your day? Has it been a stressful one?

There are days which are more tiring than the rest, more exhausting to a point. How do you handle those days? How do you cope?

There are some events that are beyond our control, they could make our day longer and more tiring. However, there are some things we can do. Something that is within our influence. When difficult days come, we can take good care of ourselves better.

How can we do that? What can we do that’s within our control?


Meditation has been proven to have many benefits. Among them, it helps your mind and body relax.

Some people argue that they are busy enough throughout the day, how can they still do meditation? The thing is, it doesn’t take much time to meditate. If you have time to mindlessly scroll down on your phone for a few minutes a day, you certainly can find time for meditation.

Besides, the benefits of meditation outweigh the disadvantages. The only disadvantage probably is you have to allot at least 10 minutes of your day for it, which isn’t much of an inconvenience really.

Aside from the calming effect of meditation, it also helps clear your probably chaotic mind. Meditation allows you to have more focus. This way, you can handle your stressful days better. Because your mind is more at ease with meditation, you can probably make better decisions even in the midst of a tiring day.

Eat properly.

When people get busy, they make eating the least of their priorities. I will eat later. I’ll have lunch when I finish this. Eating can wait, let’s finish up first. How many times have you said or heard this?

It’s easy to put eating at the bottom of the list when you are just so busy. Some people though would say that they are in fact, eating. When they say that, they probably mean they are on their fourth or fifth cup of coffee already, or the candy bar they just grabbed from the pantry.

Your body needs proper nourishment. When you eat, it’s not just eating what you can grab or hold onto along the way. You probably haven’t considered that what you’re consuming is indeed good for you.

When you don’t eat well, you won’t function well. It will also affect your mood. Without proper nourishment, you wouldn’t accomplish much either. So eat healthy meals, and eat them on time.

Sleep well.

Just like eating, people will make sleep the least of their priorities when they are busy. And just like food, sleep is something non-negotiable.

Even though you want to extend your waking hours to accommodate deadlines and such, don’t make it a daily habit. You have to meet your sleeping requirements. At the end of a long, tiring day – you need to get some sleep. Your body needs to recover.

Get yourself a proper bed while you’re at it. If you haven’t been using a comfortable bed for the longest time, do yourself a favor and get one. It’s imperative that you still get enough sleep despite your busy schedule.

If you can’t find time to buy a proper bed or you find it too cumbersome to get one, order online. They even deliver a mattress in a box these days, so it isn’t that bulky. Do contact the manufacturer for more information on warranties and trial periods though.

Just get yourself a good, comfortable bed at the soonest because you deserve a good night’s rest after a long day. No excuses, as you can do more the next day with proper sleep.

You can have a hectic schedule, a stressful day but make time to practice self-care. Meditate, eat well, sleep well – these are some few things you can do to be kind to yourself. Take good care of yourself, it’s good for your well-being.



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